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What "brand Meme" is? Biologist Richard? Dawkins discovered a novel gene duplication "Meme" (meme), which promote the process of biological evolution. In his view, we can bequeathed to future generations after the death of two things: Gene (Gene) and Chris Mihm (Meme). "Gene" is bio-genetic, "Meme" is a cultural genes. Tone, concept, punch line, fashion, manufacture or construction methods arcade pot is Mihm, clear thinking, concise ideas, lucid spirit, business model, management philosophy and other things is known as the cultural genes, but also rice Farm. Brand can be seen as a meme complex of "brand meme" is to be understood as the brand's core values ??or brand of genes. To "brand Meme", the external form no right or wrong, for good. Nike, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Intel, Haier, China Vanke and other famous brands, its "brand Meme" being able to advance with the times, constantly new forms to show up in large quantities, thus showing strong vitality. Maze of globalization, where in your direction? When we told biologist Richard? Dawkins a trip and found that the brand is a cultural gene, "Brand meme" is the spirit of the brand password. In Dawkins seems, tend to hold high the banner of political meme spread of freedom, democracy, justice, play the role of savior; and the religious meme there is a ruthless doctrine, sinners will suffer "hell fire" threat of punishment, it is a Get means faith. Benign "brand Meme" no political meme "savior" aura, nor religion meme "Hellfire" as a cold, but also had hidden its profitable core, "fallen to" only in altruistic form, must also mobilize all the modern elements thems jordans on sale mens elves to be cool, to obtain an appearance on the breathtaking effect. Bad "brand Meme" predatory Dawkins means by solemn vision for the gene, and finally found an selfish gene machine. As a cultural gene, "Brand meme" was originally purely selfish, it is the operator to open up the market territory. When Henry? Ford to produce cars to market, he initially thought was self-reliance, create, make money, these purely personal matters. But the birth of the car, but a fundamental change in the world. Peter? Drucker believes that Henry? Ford in Detroit launched the revolution, far-reaching and universality of the 20th century, the progress of human society, the changes brought about, are unprecedented. It makes any other form of revolution of the 20th century were branded with the mark of the property from. All our welfare today, can be traced to the birth of more or less cars and assembly line production. Thus, Ford Mihm, from early on Stark's "self", jumping to now Stark's "no" was. Reproduction and dissemination of religious meme callously means, unfortunately some bad "brand Meme" clone over. They hanging "no", "save the world" banner, selling a pure self greed. We saw an example of sight Ganoderma pollen, dragon, three oral, Pu real, emerging hospital, Deron like. Big disaster, people's evil and vulgar culture, have become bad "brand Meme" predatory effective means. Down the brothers would have been extraordinary ambition. He saw the shortcomings of our system, there is no diversification of direct financing channels, huge household savings entirely by the bureaucracy entrusted to a bank to take care of internal control, Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale the result of negative interest rates unceremoniously pressure in people's heads. Tang Wanli to dry out a career, to create a range of financial products, to the transformation of China's financial structure, create investment market for the Chinese people often unfortunately, in the process of financial integration in the industry, there are too many unknown trap and barriers. I believe, Tang Wanli, Tang Wanxin not people of the world will begin to cheat, but unconventional thinking occurred thrilling jump, thus creating a business madman, but also laid the curse Delong collapse. Because they violated the "brand meme" growth, reproduction and dissemination mechanism. Products and services across the carefully crafted link, trying to gather funds wandering in some concepts, I am afraid Down brother could leave a mark just greedy. Resistance Kemi Mu: "The real movement quality" and "brand Meme" is not so easy to show up. You do not find it, it anywhere in; if you look for it, you want to build it, but it is hidden in the invisible. In a product who accumulate too many meme, often some of the founders did not know their true "brand meme." Many companies are brand parades around the maze, that as long as the hit advertising in the marketing plan on the line. They want the public to bite, and bite, tight, time and length. However, the old saying goes, you can lie in the moment, you can fool all of the people at the moment, you can fool some of the people in I, but you absolutely can not fool all of the people in I! Once the hoax was punctured, buildings when Qingta in an instant. If you really want to build a hundred years cheap foamposites old, wanted to build a great brand, you can not just want to take advantage of people's evil, but must first dig out the suitable products and services, "the brand meme." Nike "brand Meme" Everbright excavation process, it is worth learning from. 1987 Nike brand at a turning point, the first place in North America to give Reebok, Reebok and income for the first time behind to reach $ 800 million gap. Nike had suddenly laid off 20% of staff. Then Nike "brand Meme" is a very masculine. Products are mainly for young male athletes. Nike's way out is to go beyond the ambitious, competitive athletes heart grow this core, in order to make themselves closer to a wider consumer groups. Like all brands, Nike does not advance only perish. However, with the Nike accumulated problems, such solutions are the backbone of Nike's many people who became heresy. They will ask, how dare Nike betray his identity, with those informal, rarely engaged in "real" sports people build a pure sports brand? Nike has occurred hardship digging define your own "brand meme" on. Market performance is just outside this inner reaction hardship. Such narrow orientation, limits the city in such a fiasco Nike often the most important lesson: each brand core has given it an important material force to explore the brand, we must understand the essence of it. Thus, a large-scale reflection began. "What Nike is?" "What is the nature of the Nike brand is the" last, overcome obstacles, get rid of factional disputes, Nike "brand Meme" has been re-approved:? Whether young and old, regardless of professional athletes or full layman, regardless We adhere to a daily ru buy cheap jordans online nner or just a weekend in the exercise of people, whether it is tennis player or a walk, and even children, Nike have your place in the world, this is the "real movement quality" (Just do it!) . "The real movement quality", the "brand meme" Nike expanded access point, it touches people of all ages a variety of professional practitioners of nerve endings, bringing the rapidly expanding market territory. Important experience Nike did not arouse enough attention, so many companies and brands, is still a maze can not find a way out. Discovering "brand Meme" process, the actual process of cleaning up corporate thinking is a process to define the nature and character of the company, which is the core customers, potential customers and employees repeatedly stressed: who you are. Huawei meme: Globalization of specimens "brand Meme" The first is a corporate thinking. Different companies thinking, it will copy a different "brand meme." Globalization is like a giant bellows, many Chinese companies from which, pushed to shoving to find north. We have seen many companies lose money, in order to open up the domestic market; also have seen some companies raised the banner of globalization, can always complain no money on advertising; has also had the experience of sports shoes, clothing, electronics OEM products for international brands OEM, earn poor processing fees; or to acquire or invest in some of the less developed countries well-known brand ...... in many Chinese companies have globalized maze faint head turned to the When, in 2004, Huawei has become the international market a dazzling star: draw Cisco's intellectual property l jordan 3 katrina 2018 itigation in the United States, overseas business to 100 percent per year rate of increase, it will reach $ 2 billion this year, next year is expected to reach $ 4 billion composite margin international business reached 50 percent, the industry giant international companies feared. Huawei Ren Zhengfei meme embodies colorful personal will. But its core is: to create first-class products and services in a globalized environment, stubborn to live. 10 years ago, the domestic telecommunications equipment market is still harvested 1000% profit, Ren realized, there will not rely solely on the existence of regional markets telecommunications equipment providers, telecom equipment manufacturers all have to be international standardization. To survive, they must go out. So from 1996, Huawei began globalization layout. Team of people to go out, please come in large number of customers. Huawei more attention to shaping the company according to global standards, please not hesitate to spend huge amounts of money and other IBM with HAY-known international companies stationed Huawei years brought a world-class system and culture, in order to establish a platform for dialogue and context of globalization. 8 years, put in RMB 100 billion! "Huawei's basic mission is to survive. Power technology development in order to survive." Huawei took 10% of annual sales revenue as R & D funding, the past two years more than 15 to 17%. Ren familiar with IBM products and services tied to the mystery, full of independent intellectual property products go, 100 percent of the service just like to go, and premium services often lead the charge to elimina cheap air jordans te customer Huawei's strangeness. Huawei is also looking for partners and strategic investors, but are in their own brands for the banner. 2004 draw with Cisco in IP litigation, skilled contributed. Huawei to involve the controversial "8 categories of 21 allegations" of more than 2,000 full source code to get the United States to rigorous review by a third party audit group, the results did not find Huawei infringement. Huawei's global business meme this pure specimen, so that Cisco surprise! A large number of cases have proved, jump in the "brand meme" "Self" and "no" between the enterprise has a lucid mind and deep skill who will be condensed into a strong ability to reproduce commercial samples; and carry "Hellfire" of greed, eventually playing with fire, into a solo.Fashion luxury goods adidas Lin launched commemorative T-SHIRT 2012-08-25 11:35:29 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Empty Island] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network August 25 hearing, for the Rockets this summer, the biggest action is nothing more than the re-introduction of Jeremy Lin to Houston. Last layoffs, can be described as the Rockets general manager Daryl Morey to regret the intestines are green, of course, fulfill the later Lin entered into the Big Apple, "Lin crazy", "Lin whirlwind", Times, the Chinese light , long occupy people's attention. The sponsor adidas to launch commemorative T-SHIRT Houston is the favorite. And but also has a home and away, in order to highlight outstanding student identity, adidas also specially designed for the image of the nerd. Like friends attention, August 25, will begin a wor air jordan 11 space jam for sale ld premiere, fans quickly prepare themselves for it. Related news with the continuous development of basketball, basketball enthusiasts to focus on basketball equipment is more and more high, the monotony of the shoes seems to have been unable to impress them, and for the design of the shoes to make the majority of basketball enthusiasts "them". With the continuous development of shoe culture, people's attention to the shoes from the first color, style change has become the pursuit of excellent performance. And I do not know when to start, when it comes to the performance of people will think of the first shock of the sneakers. Believe that most people try on a pair of new basketball shoes will choose to jump down and feel the slow shock effect is excellent, also has the possibility is breathable, protection, stability, grasping of the no cushioning to more directly, so slow earthquake effect has become the most important people. Today, the protagonist Lining (Skill Arc LI-NING) has excellent shock effect. in order to give the wearer to provide a more comfortable wearing experience, but also in order to extend the competitive state of the wearer, the designer in this double Lining (LI-NING Arc) arc (Skill) using two kinds of shock technology. The first is we are not unfamiliar to the full palm IP injection cushioning technology, the cushioning technology has repeatedly appeared, Lining believe that the familiar friends early on basketball products has its own cognition, and the second is the new 4 Li Ning Co Li Ninghu cushioning technology, Lining arc 4 cushioning technology as Li Ninghu cushioning technology mos jordans on sale online t of the new generation, it has a new breakthrough in the production process, compared to the previous 4 Li Ninghu Lining arc frame cushioning unit with built-in means embedded in the rubber material, thus, it will greatly enhance the wearer in the lateral movement of the stability, and when the wearer to make lateral this basketball the most common action did not have to worry about. In addition, designers are also added to the outer layer of the shock unit TPU material, which can make the deformation of Li Ninghu more stable and more vitality. All this is in order to use Lining 4 arc technology products to create the most professional basketball shoes! finish the outsole design come to talk about this pair of shoes vamp design. If you are a person familiar with the Li Ning basketball report of friends, when you get Li Ning Ling arc, believe that will not have too much strangeness. This uses the same boots of the fourth generation of Li Ninghu technology. With us before the introduction of Li Ning's assassin with a sense of design. And assassins, Ling arc vamp also uses the new flex shell technology, provide the ultimate wraps the support for the wearer. With the help the assassin of the products different, Li Ning Ling arc in reducing the height of the upper and, the seamless retie one process, and in the waist position of the shoes match breathable mesh, enhances the functionality of the boots, more suitable for summer wear. The color of the upper is also very dynamic, blue, orange, white three color mix so that the whole pair of shoes full of vitality, even in the face of the summer wear it also has to go to the fi Retro jordans for sale eld and the desire to dominate the field of friends. And this color is also in line with the needs of the current basketball enthusiasts chasing personality. 〉To celebrate the birth of the first generation of Adidas Predator 20th anniversary, Adidas this year launched the new Predator Instinct football shoes, so that the new generation of fans to know this pair of classic, this will bring you one of the "Eyes" don't note color. The design of the continuation of the design of the Predator series of classic, and uses a patented HYBRIDTOUCH technology and three-dimensional SL rubber material constitute a shoe body, with special design lines covering uppers, finally through the early classic design and the "eyes" followed by "Predator" show special identity. The shoes will be launched in the near future, the brand designated retailers, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. 0.jpg (178.23 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:47 1.jpg (170.86 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:47 2.jpg (133.92 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:47 3.jpg (193.12 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload Adidas at 11:4720100625145514.jpg (39.4 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-6-25 17:07 uploadNew Balance this season in domestic shoes name DEAL and famous graffiti group 400ml, bringing a new 997.5 three party joint matching. Inspired by the characteristics of Tianjin "clay figurine Zhang" pain jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ted sculpture, which won the people love the traditional folk art, began in the Qing Dynasty, the founder of Zhang Mingshan's works is widespread, vivid characters, plastic and painted the union works more vitality, after generations of inheritance, has become another peak China the clay sculpture art. As for the design, New Balance x DEAL x 400ml 997.5 with different shades of beige leather uppers are made of material, pure clay "and" echoes respectively after forming "cooked" mud color clay clay figurine Zhang before forming, but also for high quality suede into overall effect plus no less; on the outer end of the red, yellow details of the decoration China echoes the atmosphere of New Year tradition; pad design classic clay figurine works contour based graphics, combined with camouflage texture creation, customized to specific patterns. In order to make the "design theme" clay figurine is more popular, designers also create a dedicated box, perfect texture mud outer box and the inner box Chinese wind fusion, let a person shine at the moment. In addition, each special edition suite also comes with a special custom clay figurine Zhang clay figurines, and respectively by "traditional theme" fortune endowed with beautiful meaning; and another "NRZ" followed by custom graffiti accessories, can according to user needs is fixed on the heel, showing interesting collision street and traditional culture. It is reported that New Balance x DEAL x 400ml 997.5 special edition set on January 15th in WZK Shanghai, DEAL Beijing, BT Sneaker Guangzhou, DEAL Chengdu, DEAL Tianjin and other shops limited sale, priced at? 1399 yuan; while the ordinary version will be released on January 16th on New Balance exclusive Tmall flagship store, priced at $999 love, friends do not miss ! is worth mentioning is that the 400ml invited the local DJ JIAOZI created a Urban Beats, will Jingyuntaigu, Pingtan, Beijing has the characteristics of the opera pericope folk rhythm refining proposed, then set the clay creation according to brush friction sound, dust mud rub embryo shoot case sound, graffiti spray cans shaking tinkle and Trap rhythm of integrated sampling and other elements, in the way of digital production together, to create a version of "the voice of Beijing Culture Shoes" ! ??????mens designer wallets brands What If I Fall Just Be Quote and Remember This air jordan space jams size Need to remember this tip Embroidery Sewing Tips Hair Clips and Sewing designer wallets brands What If I Fall Just Be" /〉 shamballa bracelets with cross Inspiring Quotes when you need some life motivation Life Motto Mottos and Quote silver bracelet price in chennai Of The Most Inspirational Quotes Of All Time Buddha Short Quotes and Other mens designer wallets brands What If I Fall Just Be Quote and Remember This lacoste from France to symbolize a comfortable, elegant attitude towards life is known, with its elegant and pure blood, so that different shoes into the elegant feelings. The new spring and summer to introduce BRADFORD is a good example, has been handed the elegant style of boat shoes. LACOSTE shoe body with exclusive crocodile pattern show charming style. & Nbsp; This BRADFORD classic sailing shoe line basis through improved design, leather and suede uppers hit color stitching and tassels design details are making it very style and color flow shall be provided with a replacement for the tongue, so Traditional dress shoes to add more variety, both formal occasions or strolling with ease. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; black sneakers never seems to let a person too many, and Nike recently as a classic running shoes Internationalist brings the "double" Anthracite color, believe but also caused a lot of fans shoes desire to buy. Carbon black tone throughout the retro shoes made of leather is formed by the combination of body, black lace, swoosh, heel and sole adding even more to strengthen the overall depth of texture. At present, the shoes have been purchased by Suppa, priced at 135 euros at. source: SuppaUnique flavor LE Way x Vans joint series debut 2013-12-08 23:52:12 this year, the skateboard brand Vans will bring us every year with its global trend of joint works, entered in November, Vans also took the lead for us with Singapore well-known shoes shop Limited EDT joint new works. The series includes Sk8-Hi and Old Skool; the two type of shoes, shoes with two printing elements including Sk8-Hi; with the blessing, the red brick wall collocation black iron net pattern to create a shoe body; Old Skool in black and white hexagonal pattern layout full coverage in the shoe body on the full vision impact force. It is reported that the series will be released soon. NBA regular season sneakers report 12.19 2014-02-24 20:59:06 today's NBA court conducted a total of 12 games, Miami 97-94 beat the Pacers home court, revenge and sent opponents two game losing streak, Wade scored 32 points; while Deluozan scored 30 points, but Kemba Walker hit lore, the Bobcats on the road to a 104-102 win over the Raptors; Orlando last time missed the chance to tie the jazz, Hayward two penalty to seal the victory on the road to 86-82 victory over the end of the two game losing streak; piston team five players in double, away to 107-106 victory over the Celtics; Pearce, Lopez and Johnson have been at least 20 points, but Wall led the team seven players scored in double wizards against success in the fourth quarter opponent counterattack, won two straight to 113-107 over the basket; the eagles rely on section fourth attack climax established the victory, home court to 124-107 victory over the king; Rubio and Martin finally Moment of six free throws, the Timberwolves 120-109 defeated the Blazers; Chandler returned with 9 points and 9 rebounds, Anthony scored 8 points in the second overtime, helping Nicks away to 107-101 double overtime victory over the Bucks; Nowitzki led the team five players in double, the Mavericks in the home court early established large margin, and ultimately to 105-91 in the Memphis Grizzlies; Parker injured, Ginobili came off the bench to get the team high 24 points, the Spurs on the road to 108-101 victory over the suns; Howard had 23 points and 9 rebounds in the first half, the team set up two digit advantage, home court to a 109-94 win over the bulls; Paul had 12 points, 11 assists and 5 his seven rebounds, scored in double beat the pelican to 108-95 home court. Come into today's NBA regular season sneakers coverage.

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