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V cross-country LOGO
V cross-country, a previously unknown small group.

since the first phase of the training camp in February 28, 2015, it has gone through a short period of 2 years.

V - was set up at the beginning is to help friends to no outdoor experience of outdoor experience, the unknown, with the V off-road growing mature and expand the power of love, we hope to help friends love outdoor fitness, explore new environment, continue to improve their ability to achieve results and breakthrough way of life.
There are a lot of friends around
asking us why the name of V is cross-country.

V-victory, representing victory, is full of hope for victory in every new environment. V is also the meaning of homophonic we. It means that we are always a group.

V is also a connection, city and outdoors, calm and free!

remember in 2014, V was set up in the cross-country.

was originally a cross-country running outdoor training camp themed learning community, providing the most systematic outdoor cross-country running + indoor course learning, so that cross-country fans get a complete set of knowledge system for long-distance cross-country running.

we want to cross the field through V training, every year to participate in cross-country race enthusiasts "bridging paving" every year, through V cross-country training camp can better protect the environment, enhance their cross-country running ability, and make themselves more healthy and happy.

in February 28, 2015, 8 amateurs were recruited from the V cross-country and the first training camp was opened.

has also established the V cross-country training camp, which has gone through 2 years.

's entire V cross-country training camp has been free since its opening.

we only want to share the knowledge theory and practical experience that we know and summarize from a professional point of view through the platform of training camp. However, free training camp, may also be extended to us after the game, we are ready to change the existing trailrunning market chaos, as a "spoiler".
2016 V cross-country training contestant group photo V cross-country training camp before starting to explain
in 2016, with the help of many good people, we set up a company and held the first game.

deeply remember when the first race was held, the environment how difficult, because there is no road can not be opened, mineral water and sports drinks nearly more than 1300 bottles and supplies by volunteer boxes back to hill, from the day before the game has been back at noon at night.
The water had not been drunk on the day of the
competition, because the participants knew that the water was too difficult to drink.

's new slogan was born at the end of 2016: wild with the people you like. At the same time, it also conveys another meaning to us. >

The slogan of the running group: exercise, health, and happiness. Let more people join the running team, so that the movement is no longer just a slogan!

1, name of the run group: Louis
, Qingdao
2, time of establishment:
3, activity city and region regular activity route: distributed in 7 counties and districts of Qingdao City, and run around the important sports fields, parks and Qingdao coastal areas near the city every week.

4, run group scale: the existing payment registered members of nearly 1000 people, concern about the trend of running club run fans more than 3000 people, has 15 branches in Qingdao city are: District South West Sea Branch, South East Division of the Qiingdao University, North China branch, four branch, Cangkou branch Licun branch, Huangdao branch, Chengyang branch, Jiaozhou branch, sea EMBA division, Tuandao branch, Hao Feng division etc..

5, running a slogan: exercise, health, and happy

6, run group: Qingdao track and field Louis Louis "is referred to as the Qingdao Sporting Club Hotel is in mass sports organizations registered with the Civil Affairs Bureau of the Qingdao Municipal Sports Association, Sports Bureau, specializing in athletics, running from Qingdao and all over the country in all walks of life. In 2014 alone hosted the "Hao Feng Cup" Tang Island Bay half marathon, "Hao Feng Cup" Qingdao Dagu River marathon, "Kaifeng International Cup Qingdao (hi tech Zone) half marathon and other major events affecting the province's existing payment scope, registered members of nearly 1000 people, concerned about the club. The runners fans more than 3000 people, has 15 branches in Qingdao city are: District South West Sea Branch, South East Division of the Qiingdao University, North China branch, four branch, Licun branch, Cangkou branch, Huangdao branch, Chengyang branch, Jiaozhou branch, sea EMBA division, Tuandao branch Hao Feng division, etc..

each person's original intention of running is different, some for weight loss, some for fitness, and some to challenge the marathon. But one thing is common. Once you have a running habit, you know how much fun you have! We are in love with running, we get health, love running and we make some real friends.
The main deeds of
7 and running group are: thousands of runners run in Japan, Shimonoseki, South Korea, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Dongying, Dalian, Qingdao and other domestic and international marathons. They played a great role in popularizing marathon running in Qingdao area.

8, run group influence: membership from the United Kingdom, Japan, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Shandong around the Qingdao area scale and influence, most professional running group, the former Hangzhou International Marathon full women's champion Wu Min as the club honorary coach, a role in promoting the running activities in Qingdao in the play.

A, offline activity organizational capabilities, including core members, activity patterns, and other


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