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Japanese shoe store Gallery· 2 releases information today, Curry 3 Low Black / blue will be sold in tomorrow's landing shop.

Curry 3 Low basically follows the Curry 3 shoes type, reduce the upper height, it is more light and easy to wear, the side carbon plate has been retained, the crystal bottom collocation makes shoes more smart.

the color is currently on the UA China official website has been on shelves, like friends can go to buy.

shoe information:

UA Curry 3 Low

number: 1286376

color: dark purple

offer price: 1099

APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Women's night run should be chosen to prevent infringement.
night running has become a way of exercise for many people nowadays. But there are many recent cases of infringement. It reminds us that if women's night running is inappropriate, their personal and property will be threatened.

a long time ago, a girl in Hangzhou was robbed in the night. The day before, Ningbo informed the Beilun court in the city of Ningbo northeast girl Xiao Wu, at the end of May a night alone in an ambush in the running times of violence of a man with a green, and was photographed nude threat, the body of the 50 yuan in cash and a mobile phone was also robbed. At present, the criminal suspect Zhang has been captured by the police. Last week, the Beilun court to robbery and rape two crimes, Zhang sentenced to 9 years imprisonment and fined.
Occupies a large proportion of
night run family in Guangzhou runners, they usually choose Haiyin bridge - Guangzhou bridge - two - hall of the north gate of the line, there are some runners will choose Flower City Plaza, sports center and other places. In November 23rd this year will be widely run, are preparing for the night run family, should always pay attention to traffic safety, for the habit of night running women need to be cautious against unlawful infringement. (synthesis)


do not wear too cool, tight shorts, long hair will be a safety hazard. It is better for women to wear coat, hat and trousers. Such neutral equipment is not easy to attract attention. It will play a good role in camouflage. It's better to pick up the shiny jewelry on your lower body, and don't bring too much cash. You'd better take your ID card and blood type record, just in case.


on the road up to run, but also pay attention to some bicycles, car batteries, they often feel lucky red red and yellow lights, especially on rainy days is to pay attention to.

security hint

1. choose a safe, familiar route, and do not choose lines that are inaccessible and lack of lighting.

2. is better to choose the area with the camera monitoring.

3. find a companion and run together, and there is a reference to each other.

4. do not run too late.

5., attention should be paid to traffic safety. It is best to wear some colorful and fluorescent running shoes and clothing, so that we can notice runners' existence and avoid accidental injuries on the road.

6. try not to wear headphones or play handsets during running.

location selection

1. chooses a bright and crowded place to go together, such as Huacheng square, Tianhe Sports Center and other places.

2. often transform running routes, to avoid the risk of stalking, reduce the ambush.

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