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exposed black and white color matching UA Curry 4 Low soon, Stephen Curry today in the team training in the foot of this platinum color matching Curry 4 Low. You can see the shoes uppers and bottom use white cover on the bottom of the ink pattern logo and SC blessing, followed by UA logo with the Golden Crystal rendering, at the end of the selection is also very fit shoes color. Low to help design smart brought experience, knitting socks designed to cast half material for ankle provides enough protection.

learned that the shoes will be on sale in autumn.
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people who want to lose weight, know not to eat "sugar", "refined carbohydrates", this is taboo. But if you like to run, carbohydrates have to mention that before the competition, they must eat a lot of carbohydrates, and the energy glue they need to eat is carbohydrate.

next, the courage to say to you, what is the sugar to eat? What sugar should not eat?

first talked to people about why people like sweet taste, which is just the taste of carbohydrates. This is related to biological evolution. Ancient humans dare not see what to eat, because sweet food is usually not toxic, so it is the first choice. Long time, "sweet food is not toxic" is written into genes, and gene expression is "like to eat sweet". This is also good for plants. Plants wrap their seeds in sweet fruit. After eating, people take them to other places through excretion and complete racial expansion.

do not like to eat sweet blame yourself, with the gene, who loves to eat!

when did it start, and the sugar began to go bad?

it's about how people learn to separate the sweetness. Sugar is not wrong, it is arch-criminal purification of sugar, sugar refining is nature does not exist in the material, the digestive system evolution in millions of years to come to large amounts can cause disease of the digestive system, which is why modern Difficult miscellaneous diseases occur frequently.

what is the difference between the purification of sugar and the natural sugar? What does it have to do with carbohydrates? purified sugar is a carbohydrate that can be released rapidly. Usually it is monosaccharide, which can enter blood directly, but only glucose does not need to decompose and directly participate in metabolism. Carbohydrates also have a slow release of carbohydrates, usually polysaccharides, which can not be directly into the blood. For example, carbohydrates in fruit can be released quickly, and carbohydrates in grains and vegetables are released slowly.

though fat people talk about "sugar" color change, there are also classical eating methods that only eat protein. But this is just to avoid pure sugar, not to abandon all carbohydrates.
The short-term effect of
purified sugar on the body is a sharp change in blood sugar, which indirectly leads to hypoglycemia. Fine rice, noodles made of food, like purified sugar, can make blood sugar fluctuate dramatically in the short term.

too high blood sugar, the body will convert excess glucose into glycogen or fat, save for later use, beer belly, mother's buttocks to find the door. Low blood sugar is also fast, often fatigue, attentional decline, irritability, depression, headache, and so on, similar to the feeling of physical and mental fatigue. these are not serious, and proper control of the diet can be adjusted in time. What if the long term blood sugar fluctuates? The most extreme is diabetes. Before this, there will be loss of weight and energy.

this is also why binge eating is not good, not to promote diet to lose weight. The key is to control both weight and energy, and to maintain a smooth blood sugar.

said this, the core of the problem is that "

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