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has combined with the three hot topics in the
In addition to the performance of
2004 in the fourth quarter SPINNER series for the first time in front of the world first launched, DADA was looking for NBA Minnesota wolf team ace guard - Latrell Sprewell endorsement, and gave his name to the first generation of shoes; " Spree's" full leather electroplating when NBA star Chris Webber, as the world's first pair of foot shoes in general the design of DADA SUPREME, Spree's series of shoes also from luxury cars, SPINNER originally developed creative concept is from Latrell Sprewell to the world famous brand LEXANI TOP GEM rim special custom luxury car wheels, this unique footwear design inspired by the development of the spread so far.

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The horse is running

welcomed the 20 year old Shanghai International Marathon. It will start firing at Jinniu square on Sunday at 7 a.m., and 35 thousand runners will start from the Bund together. Before the start of the game, the horse cooperated with the Shanghai Institute of sports science to hold a lecture on running knowledge of running for 20 years.
Expert Liu Xin,
sports Xu Yicheng, Zheng Fanhui, Tan Zhizong, Qiu Jun, Wang Bei, respectively for the marathon training, marathon movement characteristics and sports nutrition square velocity distribution characteristics, cognitive strategies, when preparing for a marathon marathon and marathon replenishment strategy several aspects in detail explain for runners.
marathon also has the most ideal
for technical and tactical "post grilled ground"The motion mechanics expert Xu Yicheng
track and field research team leader, long-term guarantee of Shanghai line track and field sport team at the seminar stressed that action marathon should be relaxed, natural, appropriate to shorten the step, accelerate the pace, reduce energy consumption.
The action of
standard should be two aspects of collection economy and effectiveness, and the economy is particularly important. People who want to improve their economic performance should be paid attention to from 3 aspects. They should not be S type, try to be straight line, minimize the fluctuation of body, and try to keep the whole speed uniform.

's ideal technique for running is "back to ground". The heel of the foot is on the ground or the whole foot is at the same time, quickly "rolling" the foot, and then making a powerful "stretch" action. While running, the standard arm and torso movement should be upright or slightly forward 1 degrees -2 degrees, the first extension line of the trunk. Small amplitude and frequency direction before and after the arms with the rhythm of swing, the bending angle of two cubits is 90 degrees ± and 10 degrees.
is running a marathon, what should I want to do with the affirmative statement for
In the course of a lecture, Zheng Fanhui, an expert on sports psychology at
, suggested that there is a very important cognitive strategy for running marathons. She emphasizes that in many foreign research results, the content of athletes in sports plays an important role in the performance of the game.
The content of
can be roughly divided into two kinds: one is

association thinking, the relevant inspection body reaction (such as breathing, heartbeat) and running itself (such as walking speed, time left away) thinking; the other is a free thinking, thinking activities help to get rid of connection (things such as the surrounding environment, happy etc.).

connection thinking is often used by more professional athletes, which can help to achieve better performance and be more suitable for use in the competition. Free thinking can reduce fatigue and pain, more suitable for use in training, non professional players use more.

Zheng Fanhui said that when running a marathon, running friends should actively use affirmative sentences to cheer themselves up and improve confidence and sense of control.

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