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two strong supremacy, entering the critical point

2014 is titled "honor and shame", for the good news is the first human ran into 3 hours, as well as Russia, Kenya two women's scandal was suspended due to drugs.

last year was "disappointing 2015", mainly based on the three point of gloomy reality: World Records and last year's WMM track record of "seven big" has not been refreshed. For the first time since 2012, no one ran into 2 hours and 4 minutes, and no new rookie appeared.

then, how will the global marathon year of the past year be evaluated?

first look back a year ago the author: (2016) the Berlin marathon to break the record, and estimated the game." As it is, the world record 2:02:57, which Kimeto created the year before, is still there.

however, compared with the previous year, 2016 can get along very well the situation is gratifying.

this year, although not breaking the world record, has created a number of amazing results: two to three third history, before the fifth, the top ten in the four - two times in 2011, 2013 and 2014 two (2015 0).
these four performances come from two games: the strongest London Marathon, and the fastest Berlin marathon in the track.
, among them, Bekele of Ethiopia (Kenenisa Bekele) ran out 2:03:03 in Berlin, and Kenya man Kipjoge (Eliud Kipchoge) ran out of 2:03:05 in London, which is only 6 seconds and 8 seconds away from the world record.

and their two Kenya "wingman" -- this year Burma and Ma Lun (Wilson Kipsang) and runner up Kipsang biwott (Stanley Biwott), 2:03:13 and 2:03:51 respectively to run in 2 hours and 04 minutes, than the world record slow less than a minute.
More than
, four people are all rewriting PB. Among them, "the only big winner in 2015" Kipjoge has been rising for third consecutive years: 2:04:11-> 2:04:00-> 2:03:05.

more exciting is, and he has been in the marathon game to regain self Bekele, formed a two strong contender. You can hit a new world record at any time if you put these two big air fields on the same right stage.

in 2016 than in 2015 the progress of another, at least this "seven" in the raenmaa refresh track record.
There are only four non blacks in the top 100
, and they are all from
, Japan
2016, the strength of the two superpowers also changed: on the ten top, Ethiopia and >

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