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Dalian is running across the sea: only once in his life.

Bridge opened to traffic on the bridge before and after no chance, this activity will become your life only once the bridge run.

world focuses on

within 24 hours, 20178 people sign up. The H5 exposure is 2436517 times. The activity is expected to affect 1 billion 604 million people to link the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, mobilize five continents, and influence the international coverage.

green nature, harmonious ecology, science and technology movement, Chi Qi future

, the perfect combination of the humanities landscape and natural scenery, and close contact with the harmonious ecology scene movement, use technology to perfect sports, and open the healthy future with wisdom.

# health China dream, love to run Chinese #

health sports, strong Chinese, together with the upward posture and healthy body to achieve a great Chinese dream.

Guinness scale
Guinness level activities are interspersed with the world's attention with data.

star leads

stars popular participation, together with the sea stars, become the focus of the spotlight.

international extension

international media reports, the times square big screen strong display, the world class exposure resources.

Internet running new play
The polymerization of
community influence, perfect O2O linkage, a new model Internet plus fun.
There are a lot of things in
's life [one episode of]
meets only once, and then there will be no more

you've never imagined

running can also be an unexpected memory

# sea star # run your first and last

is involved in a lifetime # sea star run #,

greets the first sunset of the cross sea bridge, and feels the romantic beauty of
under the starry sky
host: Sina Dalian

registration time:

forecast Name:
, September 28th, ~10 month, 9
confirmed registration:
, October 10th, ~10, 13
equipment collection: ~10, October 14th, 17 a.m. on the morning of 17

registration content:

name; age; sex; identity card number; cell phone number

registration note:

time: 17:00 on October 17th, from
to sunset and Moonrise
activity route:

: the starting point of Dalian high tech Park starting point reclamation Hashiguchi (near Wanda Plaza)

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