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Run group Logo

run group name

Dalian sea star run group

set up time


member size

2795 people

active area

, Dalian, Liaoning
run group slogan

runs healthier and happier

running group introduces
Dalian sea star run group was founded in March 2015. As the name implies, it means "the fitness star running out of the sea". In the head deep under the leadership of the sea star is a vibrant team, a group of collective pride. Since the establishment of group ran for 8 months, the group has reached more than 2800 people, Liaoning province is the largest run group. Everyone is tied up for running and running for health. Regardless of seasons, early in the morning and night, everywhere Sea Star Tour run figure. Among them there are 68 year old star of the sea - 66 year old sea sleep without any anxiety, the planet of happiness, this is a love of life, the old two old but vigorous. There are young, ambitious 90. Wyatt ran to let the group members forget age, occupation, gender, run in a healthy way, common harvest the joy of success: running for happiness, and run to lose weight, for the honor of running

main event
sea star has participated in and organized various events and activities so far, and has achieved excellent results, and has won a high voice. The breakdown of each event, there is no lack of star of the sea tour figure, such as the Dalian International Marathon, Panjin International Marathon, Beijing International Marathon, Shanghai International Marathon, Jinzhou red cross country and so on. The group not only fully prepared before the game spirit is excellent, has made remarkable achievements in the field. At the Dalian International Marathon, many of the runners broke through themselves and completed their first marathon in their life. In the Panjin International Marathon, the sea star male captain Cong Qing and the female captain Xiao Na respectively created the best result of their half horse in 1 hours, 54 minutes, 07 seconds, 1 hours, 54 minutes and 23 seconds. At the Shanghai International Marathon, star of the sea, deep sea and the best tour pleasure respectively to 3 hours 39 minutes 52 seconds and 3 hours 36 minutes and 17 seconds to create their full horse. The red village in the District of Jinzhou held directional cross-country race, sea star -JANE flat, won the women's 20 km cross-country run first.

running group influence
run group was founded, star of the sea activities rich and colorful, full of sound and colour group propaganda run.

line: according to our common time tour, large-scale activities every weekend there will be one or two groups. Location for location on the tour were favorable. For example: Donggang Conference Center, Xinghai Square, Binhai Road, and so on. Every time the people to actively participate in the activities, up to dozens of people.

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