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Dalian cuisine

tonight at 17, 1000 runners in the 6 km Dalian bay cross sea bridge, across the sea for the first time held Chinese night event. Run in the vast sky, from sunset to moonrise, enjoy it to bring happiness to enjoy the beautiful night view of Dalian.

the entire 6 km trip certainly can not fully meet the runners rippling heart, full of sense of the beautiful picture in the view of the runway, enjoying the sport achievement after a gluttonous feast among friends is the best reward for their plan. Follow a little editor to open the food pattern:

Dalian Seafood Restaurant recommended:

excellent new innovation of Dalian traditional seafood seafood do, garlic Scallop in Shell especially suitable for summer consumption, is fishing the Scallop in Shell meat is tight fresh garlic after special treatment for the removal of the garlic spicy and retain the garlic flavor, after seasoning, salt for 12 hours. Each Scallop in Shell with garlic, garlic tablets are immersed in the Scallop in Shell delicious.

squash package has the first package of the Liaoning sea cucumber reputation, thin filling, with large cutting quality pork with sea cucumber and zucchini stuffing tune, bite a mouthful Liuxiang delicious soup.

new seafood

address: 49 Datong Street, Xigang district (opposite Datong Street)

time: 10:00 - 21:00

price: 100 yuan


Dalian old dish recommended:

is no exaggeration to say that the goods, is leading to the Binhai Road on the way most worthy of the taste of the store. This is not only the flavor of Dalian, but also the history of Dalian. The old tram was made by the Japanese in the war of resistance against Japan in 1937. Dalian existing only two cars, a car museum in Dalian, another car on the sea floor products. The tram retained the complete components of the year, only through the interior of the modern decoration design. Guests can also choose to eat in the tram, taste the old Dalian food and feel the atmosphere of the old Dalian.

the taste of Dalian old dishes is usually heavy, the most essential part of the seafood is the seafood. Seafood must be fresh, tasty flavor sauce. If you have to choose a dish representing the sea floor, it must be non stone pot Dalian bao. This dish is in the product, for ten years. Abalone with brandy soaked, boiled meat after dressing, salty and chewiness. The sea mullet is small goods seafood price king, less than 20 yuan a plate full of flavor, fried very attractive, but tastes slightly salty, just with rice.


address: 72 Binhai East Road (near Tiger Beach fisherman's wharf)

time: 11:00 - 21:30

price: 93 yuan

contact:; 0411-82738088


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