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May 22nd Dalian marathon, encounter in the domestic laps little famous pet dog 40 fen". At that time, I didn't care. After the game, he realized that the Wang should be "40 Fen".

actually, 40 Fen has finished a lot of horses. The best results were 4 hours and 1 minutes in 2015, the Shijiazhuang marathon, this time the Dalian marathon, and the 40 Fen was the 5 hour rabbit (hare...) It's on the track. The "40 Fen" of two years of
running has many experiences.
actually in foreign countries, dogs and dogs take part in marathons.

at the beginning of this year, a small town in Alabama's half marathon, a half year old dog with the contestants to run the race, even to seventh.
Ludivine has finished the medal of the game
in the recently concluded Czech Prague marathon, and even a special dog!
Prague dog Marathon
is the question. As a faithful companion of human beings, is the dog suitable for the marathon?

in the usual sense, Wang star who does not seem to fit the marathon this long distance running. Because Wang star people can't stay focused on a few hours of events; second star Wang was born with no sweat glands, by the tongue heat, running a long time will cause the body overheating; and most of the dog's lack of endurance, not enough to complete the 42.195 km distance.

but it's all of your vulgar LAN-STAR people.

generally, the dog is a flexible and dynamic animal with the habit of running quickly and vigorously. They are strong and muscular, which ensures that they can run quickly. And dogs have many varieties, better than varieties and differences in use, as well as the long history of evolution, and the dog's ability to exercise is also very different.
Specific to
40 Fen, the poodle IQ and obedience in the dog in the proverbial, gentle, easy training, lively and loyal master, obey the command, so the 40 Fen can accompany the master to complete the marathon times. However, it is generally believed that the daily exercise of the poodle is 20-40 minutes, a 4-5 hour marathon, for 40 Fen, it is still a little too much.

but the world is not absolute. More and more people who are interested in LAN-STAR can easily finish the age of marathon or super horse race. It's better for sports stars to finish marathons.

said the dog's ability to run, without mentioning the greyhound. The Greyhound is recognized as star Wang king of speed, fast start capability comparable to the cheetah. The data show that the static state greyhounds need only 6 steps, you can get to the maximum speed of 72 km / hour! While exercise heart rate can reach 300-360 times the Greyhound / min, moving at a high speed, the greyhound.

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