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On behalf of the dandelion group ran Xiamen won a thrilling lore national mountaineering Championship match. There is a force called a team.

four days in group to participate in the Lishui mountain dandelion run back-to-back half marathon, half marathon in Lanxi village, on behalf of Xiamen to participate in the national mountaineering fitness contest Wuyuan station, to overcome the difficulties in the last 200 meters of thrilling lore opponents, won the tournament championship.

represents Xiamen to join the national mountaineering competition combined with

after back to back, after 2 half marathons, some of the top players rushed from Xiamen to Wuyuan to join the running group. The dandelion runner group represented Xiamen to form two super teams to take part in the national mass mountaineering Fitness Conference Wuyuan station. Dandelion is a team of Xiamen, the leader of Zhongxie China (hereinafter referred to as the grasshopper) and players including Liu Chaolong, Liu Lufeng (hereinafter referred to as Lu Feng, Ling Hongying) (hereinafter referred to as the Xiamen wind) together, harvest the Tournament Championship winner. The two teams in Xiamen, by the Hong Jing Ting leader, You Peiquan, players including Zhao Ziyu, Li Xiaoshan, Zhou Jian, power cannot be neglected, also harvest the tournament runner up.

the first 3.5 kilometers due to objective reasons behind catching up

Wuyuan mountaineering fitness competition, the rules of the tournament take the team's last performance as a team achievement, so whether we can get good results is the key point for women players.
circuit is 3.5 km climb climbing fitness, experienced team will use the rope and other tools help with female runners. And dandelion run group Xiamen, because of time haste, there is no reserve rope. But the group ran by or in accordance with the wind Lu Feng Bangdai, grasshopper and Liu Chaolong planned to open competition. There were 5 teams leading the Xiamen first team when they ran to the first card point of the game. Xiamen two teams also subsequently followed. Behind them, and not discouraged, but catching up.

after the half force beyond the opponent through

next half of the next half of the race track is Panshan slope, Xiamen as the strength of the wind road show. On weekdays, it is higher than ordinary people's running volume training, and there are running shoe cushioning core far Waugh to provide downhill protection and enhance confidence in the wind downhill sprint. The wind to Lu Feng run group such as T-shirts, like the eagle wings ahead of the competition, Xiamen team has exceeded fifth teams, fourth teams, third teams, second teams, two teams in Xiamen and all the way through, dandelion ran group excitement suddenly surged, and left behind the team severely.

end point 200 meters before the second place to close

Xiamen as the thought that this leader, who knows the front open teammate grasshopper notice, actual events in the first 200 meters in front of his. "Come on! Like the wind, we're going to surpass them! " Lu Feng immediately to Xiamen wind up. In a hurry, the wind of Xiamen looks like a shadow of the opponent. It feels like this. This feeling is only a belief: "stick to it, stick to it, and stick to it." No, cadence, pace, pace.

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